Biggest Bedroom Turn Off’s For Women

Biggest Bedroom Turn Off'sEvery man and woman on the planet has a list of bedroom turn offs that are deal breakers. Women tend to be slightly more sensitive in this area because, let’s face it, it isn’t exactly easy to have sex with us. But if you want to make things easier on her and get her just as worked up as you are every time you two enjoy each other, you have to avoid the biggest bedroom turn off’s that every woman has.

Biggest bedroom turn offs

1. Dirty Sheets.

Apparently you are supposed to change your sheets more than once a month, for those bachelor’s out there if you didn’t know that’s one of the bedroom turn off’s. Women are particularly partial to hygiene so if you expect them to crawl into bed with you and actually want to stay there, make sure she has luscious sheets to lie down on and enjoy herself in. Also, if you are the type of guy who has more than one girl a week visit your bedroom be sure and remove any evidence of prior relationships the night before. The last thing you want is for her to find someone else’s underwear lying in between the sheets.

2. Too much dirty talk.

It is one thing to describe to her what you want to do to her in detail (I.e. pull her hair ect) but it is quite another to do nothing but describe your desires nonstop the entire time you are having sex definitely another bedroom turn off’s. Women require somewhat of an emotional connect to truly get them involved in the act and your storytelling probably isn’t doing her much good. Lay off the dirty talk and just try to please her instead.

3. Making weird noises or screaming.

In general, women like to take control in this department. While they like seeing you enjoying yourself or making sexy comments, they aren’t as interested in hearing you scream wildly in the throes of passion. Try to take things down a notch or two so she can hear herself think. Very few women actually enjoy hearing her partner grunt like a cave man during the act so give her a break.

4. Poor grooming habits.

Surveys have revealed that both men and women are extremely turned off by poor grooming habits. This includes the hair of the nether regions, so before you go pointing fingers at her for not being clean shaved take a look in the mirror. Do not judge lest ye be judged.

5. Bad breath and body odors.

Every man has to contend with certain bodily functions that are simply not meant for the eyes of a woman, all of which should be taken care of long in advance before sex. Simply put, bad breath and stinky armpits aren’t going to win you any favors in the bedroom and they may even make her leave before the process even starts. Take some time to clean yourself and body before you indulge in the act if you expect her to stay and enjoy herself.

So in summary, women are not a fan of dirty sheets, dirty talk overkill, loud partners, extra hairy men, or poor hygiene. If you want to impress her make sure you avoid these bedroom no-nos and impress her by heading in the opposite direction.

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