Breathing Techniques for Better Sex

Breathing Techniques for Better SexBreathing techniques to help you whit what Nobody likes to admit those embarrassing moments that happen during intimate moments, like premature ejaculation, cramping up or getting lightheaded are at the top of the list. And yet, these are some of the most perfectly understandable mishaps that happen in the bedroom. People often forget to breathe easily as part of the activity… too busy sucking in our stomachs in the name of looks, or holding a strenuous position in the name of pleasure. Muscles clench up, the room starts to spin and we lose our grip on the moment. Or on the opposite you are too into the moment and climax before she is even getting into a rhythm.

 All of these common sex mishaps all have one simple solution... breathe.

Breathing Techniques to Last Longer in Bed-

try focusing on your breathing throughout the encounter. Go slow and steady, just like you would during a strength training or cardio workout. The more intense the experience gets, deepen your breathing, making sure to fully inhale and exhale each breath. You can even make a slight ahhhh sound on the exhale all the while focusing on the sensation without losing track of your breathing pattern. This will bring your arousal level down enough to keep going without peaking too soon. A great way to practice this method is to do so while you masturbate this will allow you to experiment with the breathing technique, timing  and volume before you try it out on your lady.

Breathing Techniques to Prevent Lightheaded Sensation -

Sometimes when you are so focused on pleasing your woman you might forget to breathe. During sex make an effort to take in deep breathes and slow exhales. In doing so, you may be surprised to find that sensations are heightened. This is because as we increase oxygen flow – capillaries expand, rushing blood throughout even the tiniest places in the body, increasing sensitivity to touch, taste, sound and arousal.

Breathing Techniques to Prevent Muscle Cramps -

The more athletic your sex ventures are the more prone to cramping, side stitches and just about the same discomforts you can feel doing any type of cardio exercise. Since you are in the middle of an intimate moment chances are you don't want to stop and stretch or take a moment to catch your breath so the best way to power through these discomforts are master your breathing technique.  Take deep breaths from your stomach up to your lungs then exhale. Use your nose and your mouth to get the maximum oxygen intake an exhale fully before your next breath.

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