Sexual Fantasies You Should Try Out

How to Bring Up Your Sexual FantasiesSex is awesome. It feels good and it brings us closer to our partners. But what if your sexual routine rarely deviates from the playbook? If you are like most men then you probably have hundreds of different fantasies swirling around in your brain and have no idea how to vocalize them. Sure, it’s easy to talk about sex with guys but delicately explaining your most intimate thoughts to your lady is terrifying. It is hard to say how she will react to your sexual fantasies and it can be downright awkward talking about them. Even though you probably would rather have your favorite football teams lose against their rivals rather than talk about your fantasies, there is a way to do it without sounding like a complete perv.

How to bring out your sexual fantasies

Remember your fantasies may not be her fantasies.

Timing is everything, and the last thing anyone wants to hear halfway through sex is, “why don’t we try this?” Choose a time when you are both on good terms to bring up the conversation of your sexual fantasies. Consider her needs and don’t embarrass her in front of other people. The best time to bring the subject up is when you are alone in the privacy of your own home. Of course, don’t just blurt out “I want to spank you during sex”, bring it up casually. Say something like, “I think it would be so hot to see you in a sexy nurse’s costume”. Chances are she will respond with her own sexual fantasy.

You also want to be honest about your fantasy.

If you’re nervous about talking about this subject it is much better to be up front and honest than to speak in code’s about what you want. The entire purpose of bringing up the subject is for you to get what you want, don’t blow your opportunity because you are shy.

Also, don’t blame her for your sex life.

When you bring up your sexual fantasy you should be more focused on what you can do as a couple to spice things up. Don’t attack her or blame her for your dissatisfaction in the bedroom. In fact, it is a good idea to complement her skills and to remind her of how awesome she is between the sheets. Make her feel beautiful and completely comfortable with your fantasy before you even try it out. Explain to her that you simply want to take things up a notch because she is so hot.

Don’t be afraid to ask her what her fantasies are.

Getting her involved with your ideas gives you a better chance of succeeding in the long run. After all, sex is about both of you and your desires. If she is on board with your ideas and has a chance to contribute her own she will be excited to implement them.

Be respectful.

The last thing you want is for her to think you’re just being selfish. Put her mind at ease by starting the conversation off in a respectful tone. Never be demanding or rude. In fact, if you can get her to believe your sexual fantasy was her idea you will without a doubt get what you want.

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