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Sex And Cardiovascular Health For Your Heart

mountain climbers for better heart health Cardiovascular Health Sex intimacy and heart disease Heart

We don’t mean those little red and pink Valentine’s Day hearts… we mean your actual heart – the hardest working, most important muscle in your body. The American Journal of Cardiology reported the findings of a 16-year study of men and the correlation between intimacy and heart disease and cardiovascular health and sex.

What is the link between cardiovascular health and sex. Study show more sex is good for the heart. What they found was that men who had sex at least two to three times per week were significantly less prone to develop cardiovascular disease than men who engaged in sex once a month or less. And while it’s long been understood that heart health plays a role in how often we’re able to have sex, it now seems that the opposite is true too: having sex more often makes your heart healthy enough to continue having more sex. Hooray sex and cardiovascular health is a winner.

Researchers echoed this sentiment with observations made during the study.

Researcher Susan A. Hall, PhD explained to Web MD that “men who are sexually active likely have libido and the capacity for physical activity. So the ability to have sex might be a marker for overall cardiovascular health.” She then went on to say that “men who are having regular [sexual] activity might be more likely to be in a supportive intimate relationship with a regular partner; this might improve health through stress reduction and social support.”

In addition to relieving stress it also lowers blood pressure, sex and cardiovascular health

Sex also helps you lose weight, and get this, it can also help you sleep sounder. The feel good hormone oxytocin that is released during orgasm helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. All of these things make a positive impact on your heart health and since sex is something we love to do anyway it’s a no brainer. So when thinking about your overall health and fitness, don’t forget sex as part of your maintenance program… it just may keep you from missing a beat.

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