Discover Your Woman Inner Sex Diva

Discover Your Womans Inner Sex DivaHow to help your woman find her inner sex diva. Ask any woman what she wants from a man and they almost all put the same thing at or near the top: Confidence! It seems to be a quality that many people lack. The fact is: a lot of women lack confidence especially when it comes to the bedroom.

Here are few suggestions.

Guys don't seem to notice it as much, but that fact is, when your woman is confident, you will see and love the difference. She may well find her inner sex diva! So how can you help her get there?

Say positive things to her.

Don't just provide empty flattery but give her genuine commendation for the things you love about her. This includes both physical compliments as well as compliments on achievements. Look her in the eyes when you say it so that she can see it is coming from your heart.

Take her shopping, and help her pick out an outfit that you find sexy on her.

You may think she looks beautiful in everything that she tries on, but if there are things about herself she doesn't like she may be looking for clothes that sure up those weak points. Even if you can't help her find them, just going along for support and giving your honest opinion instead of just saying "looks good babe."

She should feel pampered at home.

High thread count sheets, and fluffy absorbent towels can make her feel like a star. A comfy robe is always a good addition as well. You'll be surprised how much less she wears around the house and to bed.

Exercise with her.

If she doesn't like to workout, let her know it will help you to keep up your routine. Find something you can enjoy together, even if it's just going for a walk. Exercise has powerful mental affects as well as physical benefits.

Finally, let her orgasm first.

By concentrating on her pleasure first she is more likely to let loose and be eager to return the favor. Make sure you make her feel comfortable and keep going until she hits the big "O." It takes women much longer to achieve orgasm so you could be down there for awhile but don't rush through it.

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