How Often Should You Orgasm A Day

how often should you orgasmThe orgasm is a natural experience for both males and females alike so how often should you orgasm. It is often thought that most men experience a greater frequency of orgasms than women do on a regular basis. However, it seems as though both sexes require orgasms for mental stimulation more than they do for physiological reasons. While this might be all good in theory, what does it have to do with your orgasm as a man?

Today we are going to ask the question how often should you orgasm, and do our best to answer that question for the general population.

In a relationship

Of men surveyed in a relationship 75% claimed that sex resulted in an orgasm for them. Compare that with only 25% of women and you can see the difference. For men, sex is a much more straightforward experience. We like to get right to the meat of the meal. We also don’t require much stimulation to get us there either. However, when it comes to relationships most couples only indulge themselves in the act once every week or sometimes even less. The key is to focus on one another and to draw closer together, or at least that’s what women want us to think. If you find yourself in a relationship and are questioning how often you should be having an orgasm remember that once a week is the average.

When you are single

Some men claim they have more orgasms when they are single than when they are in a relationship. But many guys seem to think that all orgasms are created equally. That isn’t the case. Surveys and research has proven that there is a difference in orgasms and how we achieve them. For example, the orgasm you get from watching porn more than likely is brief and only semi pleasurable. However, when you are intimate with a woman and the sex involves foreplay you are much more likely to enjoy the act thoroughly along with the after effects. The frequency of an orgasm is heavily dependent on your relationships.

There is no right or wrong amount

The male orgasm has been studied for hundreds of years and in which time scientists have been unable to nail down a specific amount of orgasms that is acceptable for health reasons. It seems as though it all depends on the man. Because sperm originates from a gland in the body it is regulated by the brain making ejaculation an automatic response. In other words, men do not need conscious orgasms for their body’s reproductive health. So if you find yourself having an orgasm a day, great. You don’t need our approval to enjoy yourself, or it seems scientists either. As long as you’re enjoying yourself and your relationships aren’t negatively affected you can have as many orgasms as you like.

So the next time you begin to wonder if you aren’t having enough orgasms or having too many remember: there’s no right number of orgasms to adhere to. Be sure to pass this information onto your significant other as well to quell her fears of the big O.

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