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Open Relationships – Real or Myth?

Open Relationships – Real or MythThe idea that both you and your significant other can have sex with someone outside of your relationship might sound like a utopia for some men, but are these relationships real or are they some kind of urban myth? Open relationships are considered Taboo in most circles and that is why they are a hotly debated topic depending on who you ask. However more and more couples are pushing the traditional boundaries of monogamy and opting for more open relationships. You might know them by names like swingers or casual couples, no matter what you call them it takes a certain type of couple to make it work.

Do open relationships really work?

Men are by nature less emotionally attached when it comes to sex so it’s much easier for men to have sex outside their relationship without developing feelings. And most men would also admit that they would be happy with their girlfriend or wife allowing them to step out from time to time to hook up with other women but the idea of their lady hooking up with another man is totally out of bounds.

The pitfalls of an open relationship

Other pitfalls of an open relationship are feelings of jealousy or envy. What if the person you hook up with is a younger, hotter version of her? Chances are that wouldn’t stack up very well and I’m sure the same goes for your woman getting together with a good looking, successful guy that has more accomplishments than you. Making sure both of you are on the same page and comfortable with any of these situations is a must.

Benefits of an open relationship

The key to making an arrangement like open relationships feasible is that both partners want it. If one is going along just to please the other or if it is a last ditch attempt to save the relationship it is doomed to fail. The thing about open relationships is most work great at first before they crash and burn, but for some people it can make them closer and happier in their own relationship. Make sure and weight out the pros and cons because once you go down that road there’s no turning back.

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