Dating a Stripper Pros And Con You Should Know

Ever Thought about Dating a StripperEvery guy has a fantasy. Of course, one of the most common is dating a stripper or at the very least wondering what it’s like to be with her. Strippers are mysterious, sexy, and wild. Most guys can only dream of what it’s like to be with a stripper on a full-time basis, but a lucky few have experienced what it’s like to be with one everyday. Should the situation ever present itself to you we have outlined four pros and cons of dating a stripper.

Ever thought about dating a stripper


1. It’s an adventure.

Strippers are completely comfortable with their sexuality which is more than most women can say. When you date a stripper you can expect to have wild and adventurous sex, which is what every guy wants. Couple this with VIP seating in the best strip club in town and you have the relationship of a lifetime.

2. They have plenty of money.

Unlike other women who are still relying on mommy and daddy for money, strippers have enough money to go around for all their needs. This means they won’t be asking you to pay whenever you go out for dinner.

3. Their hot.

Want to know what it feels like to have every guy in the room drooling over your girlfriend? Then date a stripper. It is a stripper’s job to take care of their body so if you’re dating one chances are she has an amazing body.

4. They know all kinds of rich and famous people.

Guys who date strippers frequently have access to both celebrities and rich people in their area, so consider this as a pro to dating a stripper.


1. They aren’t trustworthy.

A stripper’s job is to make money turning guys on. Need we say much more? If you are a jealous dude then dating a stripper is likely to cause you more trouble than it’s worth. Strippers are actresses so don’t expect them to be fully honest with you about their job.

2. They like drugs.

The club scene is full of hard core drugs and if this isn’t your scene then you should avoid these relationships. Not only that, drugs also have a tendency to eat away her money leaving you to foot the bill in other areas.

3. It’s not a real relationship.

Dating a stripper only lasts for a month or two at best, so be prepared for a breakup sooner rather than later. Of course, many dudes easily get caught up in believing the girl actually loves them. It’s not true and it’s unrealistic.

4. You can’t take her home to mom.

Strippers are the last girls you want to take home to your mom. They reek of sex and your mom will spot her as soon as she walks in the door. Don’t break your mom’s heart. Instead just avoid taking her home in the first place.

In the end it comes down to whether you want a trophy girlfriend or someone you can trust and appreciate. If those things don’t really matter to you then go for the ride and date a stripper. What the worst that could really happen?

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