Great Sex For a Fantastic Times With Your Partner

Fantastic Times to Have Great SexThere are certain moments and times of the day/month/year when everything works perfectly to make the sex better than it has been in a long time. From perfect opportunities where your moods are light and stress-free to moments where the excitement just kicks things up a few notches, if you know the perfect moments you can ensure that great sex is always on the menu. Take a look at these fantastic times to have great sex that shouldn’t be missed.

When is a fantastic times to have great sex

Take a Tumble in the Sheets After Working Out

From an increase of serotonin levels that helps to boost your mood to just the increased stimulation your body feels after a good workout, sex after exercising can be phenomenal. Additionally, working out together can be a great form of foreplay that helps to tease both of you with sweaty flesh that glistens in the light or teasing stretches that showcase body parts that get you excited.

After a Late Night Picnic/Party in the Backyard

There is something about outdoor sex that just gets people excited and the perfect time to capitalize on that is after an outdoor party/picnic at either of your home’s. Kick things up a notch or two more by putting on some great music, getting some great wine and food, and then getting lost in each others’ bodies as the secret thrill of being caught floats through both of your minds.

Just as You Both Wake Up in the Morning

Early morning is one of the best ways to have truly amazing sex because both of your bodies are fully rested and still a little sleep-happy and relaxed. Wake her up by taking a trip underneath the blankets for a little oral fun or tease her with touches and kisses as she slowly comes to in the morning.

During a Holiday/Vacation

When you’re away from work and the stresses of everyday life things are just a little bit better, including the sex. From sex on a secluded beach during a Caribbean vacation to waking up for early morning sex on Christmas morning, the moments when you are relaxed and care-free are the moments that can be just the perfect recipe for world class sex.

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