Five Sex Mistakes Men Make And Should Avoid

Five Sex Mistakes Men MakeWhen it comes to sex mistakes guys learn about the basics early on and then as they mature they get a little more knowledge along the way of what works and what doesn’t. Of course, trial and error only works so much; sometimes men miss out on the more subtle things a woman may say and do that indicate her wants, needs and feelings when it comes to sex.

Top sex mistakes men make and how to avoid them

1. Thinking You Know Everything When it Comes to Pleasing Her

Women aren’t interchangeable and what works for one woman may not work for the next one in your life. Going into sex for the first time with a new girlfriend thinking that you know exactly what to do to make her reach an orgasm can end up leaving her unsatisfied and faking it. Don’t just assume you know what to do, make an effort to learn what works for her by asking her, paying attention to the way she moves, her voices queues, etc.

2. Talk About Your Fantasies & Desires –

When it comes to entering a new sexual relationship the learning curve brings the opportunity to not only learn what works for her, but what you both want and are willing to do when it comes to fantasies and desires. Talk about the “taboo” things that excite you and her, figuring out the boundaries of your sexual relationship so that you are both comfortable with what happens and know what to expect in the future.

3. Know When the Right Time for Sex Is

For men sex mistakes can happen anywhere and at anytime because men can get aroused and ready in just a few minutes, however women require the right kind of circumstances and the right kind of mood to make it happen. Understanding when it is the right time for sex and when it isn’t can help eliminate a lot of problems in the bedroom. Oftentimes women won’t come outright and say it, but their moods play a big part in whether or not they want sex so if she is angry, stressed, tired, etc she may not be in the mood for sex.

4. Don’t Just “Git ‘er Done”

For men there is that old saying of “Wham, Bam, Thank You Ma’am” that kind of shows the mindset of men feeling like sex is a mission to get accomplished and then get out. But, for women sex is as much about the lead up to it as it is about the main event; don’t just go for the prize without offering a little foreplay beforehand. Get her excited and ready, stimulating her body and mind with caresses, licks, nips, dirty words, etc before you make a bid for the finish line.

5. Accept that Sometimes She May Need Something Extra

For most men it takes very little to reach orgasm, but for women the simple act of penetration may not be enough. Don’t allow yourself to get in the mindset that you are all she needs because you will be doing her a disservice and hurting your pride if you find out she’s faking it. Sex toys are a great way to enhance her pleasure so that she reaches the finish line just like you do, so be man enough to admit it when she needs something extra.

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