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Five Things that Keep Couples in Love

Five Things that Keep Couples in Love

Couples in love and staying in love isn’t for the weak of heart; it takes a constant effort of actively working to remain together and connected. Of course, saying it takes work doesn’t really help… you need to actually know how to do the work to actually get results. So take a look at these 5 things that keep couples in love to help you stay connected to the woman in your life.

Five things that keep couples in love

Laughing Together

Couples in love seems like a simple thing, but taking the time to actually laugh together whether at a comedy club, watching a movie or just simply telling a joke to each other, laughter keeps you connected. They say that laughter is the best medicine, and in the case of relationships the couples that see the humor in life are some of the happiest ones. Take a little time to laugh together each day even if it’s just telling her a lame joke and making her laugh and call you a dork.

Keep Date Night Alive

It can get very easy to get comfortable in a relationship after a while and get stuck in a rut. The romance and the act of wooing can get lost in the everyday routine of life and this slowly but surely leaves the relationship stagnant and lacking in real intimacy. Bring back the romance of date night be setting aside one day a week to spend together. It could be just snuggling up on the couch and watching a marathon of a favorite TV show, going for a midnight picnic under the stars, visiting the local salsa club for a little dancing or taking her for a day at the carnival. Just make sure that at least one day a week both of you are solely focused on just being together that’s what most couples in love do and relearning about each other.

Work Out Together

This bit of advice has two reasons for why it works. One, there is something about getting sweaty after a great workout and then just tumbling into the sheets for a round of sex that makes the sex just that much hotter. Two, working out together gets your blood pumping and helps to release serotonin that can helps to boost your mood, the more you do it together the more your body and mind associate feeling good with being together.

Don’t Let the Sex Get Stagnant

After so long of being together sex can sometimes start be a by-the-numbers game; touch this part here, stroke that part there, move this way, move that way… it becomes monotonous and when it does you both are less likely to want to have sex regularly. So keep the sex alive and fresh by changing things up and doing something different every once in a while from introducing toys in the bedroom to trying out a new move, just make sure to keep her always guessing.

Start Talking to Each Other More: couples in love

How many times has a woman told you that you need to communicate more? Well, she’s right. An open line of communication and being able to admit when you’re wrong strengthens the relationship and allows both of you to talk about the things that would otherwise fester and create a divide between both of you. You don’t have to spend every waking moment telling her every little thought and emotion you have, but remember to talk to her about the things that bother you and work things out.

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