Five Things to Do to A Naked Woman

Five Things to Do to A Naked WomanSince the beginning of time the female form has been the object of admiration and worship. Today, men all over the world beg women to take their clothes off to expose their amazing bodies. Of course, once a man has a woman naked he may not know what to do with her. If you have ever found yourself in this situation we have things to do to a naked woman sure to bring her pleasure like no other.

Five things to do to a naked woman

1. Kiss and touch her.

If you know anything about women you know that before anything fun can happen she has to be in the mood. She can’t be distracted or feel unattractive before having sex. It is your job to make sure she is fully turned on before making any moves. You can do this by whispering in her ear how beautiful she is. You can also let your body do the talking by placing her hands on your member. While her hand is there you can kiss and touch her body all over and send shivers up her spine.

2. Go down on her.

As men we don’t often believe that our lovers are as turned on as we are. But, something as simple as a certain look can be enough to get her going. The next time she exits the shower in the morning grab her body and pull it close to you and lower your mouth onto her nether regions. Use your best oral moves to impress her. You’ll be shocked by her response.

3. Show her how badly you want her.

When she is standing in front of you in all her glory, show her who is boss by gently pressing her against the wall and spreading her legs using your knee. This sends her the signal that you want her and there is little she can do about it. If your girl loves to be dominated then she will love this move. You can also apply pressure to her clit by rubbing your knee against her. This is a great way to get things started.

4. Get a mirror and let her watch.

Women are also stimulated through their visual senses, so if you plan on making her your sex toy let her watch. Grab a full length mirror and place it at the edge of your bed. Make sure and try to use only positions that she can watch while they happen. Doggy style and girl on top are two of the best positions for this technique. She’s naked. Turned on. And ready to go at this point.

5. Get kinky.

Grab a blindfold and put it over her eyes. Deprive her senses and heighten every touch, lick, and kiss in the process. She will love the way she feels and you will enjoy treating her to an entirely new experience. Being naked makes her feel completely exposed and makes everything you do extremely sensual, and when you throw a blindfold into the mix things can get extremely kinky.

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