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Sexual Fears That Haunt Men How To Conquer Them

Mens Sexual FearsOk guys let’s be honest, as men we all have sexual fears about sex. We probably have had them built into our subconscious since childhood and since our first ideas of what sex should be like. But what we may not know is that almost every man has their own sexual fears about sex. We all want to be the Rockstar, the man of the hour, the greatest she’s ever had. Truth be told however, we rarely live up to our own expectations. To make us all feel a little better about our own issues we have gathered some striking information about the top 5 sexual fears every men has and why they have them.

Sexual fears men have

1. Fear about your size.

As men we are thankful for the plethora of free porn on the Internet. We appreciate the art and the hard work all involved put into the production. But these films get into our heads and make us believe if we aren’t the size of Ron Jeremy no woman will want to sleep with us. Wrong. Women appreciate it when a man tries his best to make sure she is satisfied. In the end that is all that really matters to her.

On the other hand if you have an extra large member you may fear intimidating your partner. Cry us a river but we believe you will do just fine in the bedroom as long as you put her needs first.

2. Fear about performance.

Men have sexual fears that they will not perform as well as others in their category. It’s pretty common for men to feel tons of pressure and get down on themselves if their lady leaves dissatisfied. But you have to remember a few things about women. 1. Most of them aren’t easy to please and 2. Not all are princesses. Your duty is to ask her what she likes and to listen to her requests. An experienced woman won’t be afraid to guide you. In other words, take some of the pressure off yourself by asking her exactly what she likes and do it. Focusing on her will eliminate most of the anxiety you feel.

3. Fear you won’t be able to keep it up.

A real number of men suffer from this issue. Most often it is caused by fear and anxiety. Be relaxed and don’t focus on yourself. Erectile dysfunction can also be a medical issue. If you aren’t having any anxiety or fear when you lose your erection it could be caused by something else. See a doctor to get answers.

4. Fear of being naked.

Not every guy has a six pack and rippling muscles. You may fear that she will get turned off by your naked body. But don’t worry, most females are concerned with the way you make them feel instead of how you look. And if you are overly concerned about your body then work on it. Exercise and eat well to attain the body you want.

5. Fear of intimacy.

Ah-HA! Many men fear getting intimate with another human being because it means being personal. That fear of intimacy can translate into the bedroom and make you nervous about sharing your body with another person. You can overcome that fear by opening yourself up emotionally to the person you are involved with. Try it and you might be surprised at how amazing it actually feels.

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