Intimacy And Relationship Benefits

intimacyIf you find your time in the bedroom is lacking, the answer may be to take your love life off of remote control and have a little intimacy in your relationship. Having a TV in the bedroom can be a major distraction to intimacy with your partner. No one does it on purpose. As a matter of fact, it starts out perfectly harmless. You’re just going to check the news or take a peek at the game before bed.

Maybe you both enjoy a favorite show and think it’ll be good to snuggle in bed while watching it. The closeness is a nice idea, but soon, your mind becomes occupied with the show instead of your partner. Any sexy feelings you had get zoned out.

To change it, make the bedroom a no-TV zone. Or, set aside hours during which TV is not allowed in the bedroom. Or, if you just can’t give up your TV habit, consider switching up the programming. Find a few tantalizing DVDs you can both watch together. You never know, you may just end up with a fun, new method of foreplay you both can tune in to.

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