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Get Girlfriend In The Mood Fast Step by Step

How to Get Your Lady in the Mood female climax How to Get More Sex from Your Lady how to tell if your wife or girlfriend in the mood

Women are incredibly complicated creatures and sometimes it’s hard to tell if your girlfriend or wife is in the mood. They love money, but they shop too much. They need love but always want the bad guy who treats them poorly. And when it comes to sex a whole new level of complicated is applied. If you find yourself in a relationship with a woman who says she doesn’t want sex but deep down you know she wants it just as bad as you do, then you have to learn her signals. There are 3 ways to know whether girlfriend is in the mood without her saying a word and lucky for you we know what those three signals are.

Ways tell if your girlfriend or wife is in the mood

1. Her body changes.

Science has proven that a woman’s body physically changes when she is in the mood. Her lips swell with blood and become fuller and redder. Her breasts engorge and seem fuller and firmer. Her pupils also dilate to full capacity. All of these symptoms are the side effects of the female equivalent of a boner. She is ready for action and just waiting for you to take her away, but she won’t let you know it because she doesn’t want to come across as easy. If you notice these symptoms take your shot and start kissing her slowly and softly. Don’t make her think you want sex but simply show her affection to keep her blood pumping. Pretty soon she will be climbing all over you. That’s how you get your girlfriend in the mood fast

2. She gets closer to you.

If a woman is sexually aroused by a man or interested in his nether regions then she will lean closer and try to cuddle up next to him. What many men fail to realize about women is that cuddling equals foreplay. That’s why you should be a lot more interested in cuddling. If she is touching your arm, trying to hold your hand, or sitting with her legs on top of you then chances are she is just a few small moves away from straddling your lap going for gold. Women get turned on just as easily as we do but we often fail to do it right. Use the slow and steady method to get her revved up and wait and see what happens.

3. She drops verbal hints. get girlfriend in the mood fast

Women aren’t as direct as us. They have a tendency to drop hints about what they want and get angry when we have no idea what they are talking about. Try listening to her throughout the day and if you hear her say anything about your member, new moves she wants to try, or even eluding to sexual activity you can be fairly confident she is interested in some bedroom action. Even if she physically acts uninterested if she is continually bringing up sex to you then she probably wants to have it with you. Don’t lose out on the opportunity to pleasure her. Give her your best and seduce her to give you the same. You will be happy you did and so will she.

Just because they aren’t as direct as we are about sex women are actually just as into it as we are, so the next time you are wondering if she is on board just open your ears and eyes and the answer will come to you.

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