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Online Dating Profile Picture Perfect Guide

Guide to the Perfect Online Dating Profile Picture

Now that you have download the latest dating app and sign in, the most challenging task awaits you. You know how to use online dating right? After writing a bio and describing the kind of person you are the focus shifts to pictures. Selecting and uploading the right online dating profile picture can take your online dating in the right direction. While most women look good in whatever they upload, men have to go through a lot to get the right picture. Uploading the right photos can help you improve your chances of getting more matches.

So if you find yourself struggling with this familiar problem, we have the perfect guide for you. Our guide to uploading the ideal profile pictures will be all the help you need in building that irresistible dating profile. Following this advice can give you a good start, and the rest depends on the efforts you put in striking up a conversation. Also, picking the right pictures will help attract the right girl you are looking for, and the rest should be history. Beware of some common mistakes men make and follow these Do’s and Don’ts to have ultimate success.

What makes an Ideal Online Dating Profile Picture?

Say No to a Picture With Your Ex

We should not even be talking about this. But, in case the thought ever crossed your mind drop it. No girl wants to date a man who is still stuck on his ex. The primary reason you joined online dating site is to move on from your ex to something better. The truth is uploading a picture with your ex-love interest means you are still carrying the baggage from your previous relationship. It says you are not ready for dating again yet. Trust us, putting a picture with somebody attractive from the opposite gender doesn’t validate that you are dateable. Let the past be a thing of the past, and keep your ex there.

Don’t Use Filters Everywhere

Go easy with those filters. Also, avoid using filters for all your pictures. Let your natural photos attract the girl. Going heavy on the use of filters will make the other person think you have something to hide. Women want to know how you look in real life. And that picture in black and white which makes your double chin disappear won’t really help.

Drop A Picture With your Pet

If you are a proud pet owner, you know who is going to be your wingman. Now let this little guy do all the work and spread its cuteness on your online dating profile picture. Putting a picture with your pet also highlights your other personality traits. Not only will the women focus on your charming looks but they will also know that you have a caring and sensitive side. The cuteness of your pooch will further help create a diversion. A diversion if you are not blessed with charming good looks.

Suit Up Man

The perfect tinder pictures need a balance. If you upload a photo looking your best in casuals, include one where you look dapper in a suit. You don’t need to dress up to transform your dating life, but you need it to get the confidence boost. This will give the women the idea that you have the confidence to rock whatever you wear. And in case you were wondering, women, love confident men. There you go, the chances of getting the right girl have significantly increased.

Let Somebody Else Take The Picture

We are not against selfies for guys. But, we are against creating the most boring profile by only using selfies. If you politely ask a friend to take a picture of you we are sure they won’t know its for your online dating profile. Don’t create an online dating profile picture lineup of photos with only selfies. Impress the ladies by posing for other pictures than selfies. Again it is all about creating the right balance. Too many selfies can make you look vein and arrogant so avoid that pitfall by mixing up your poses.

Are you keeping the worst for last? Not Cool!

Your first and last pictures leave the best impression on the ladies you are trying to win over. These are the primary pictures they focus on and remember. Therefore upload these two pictures out of your favorites where you know you are looking your best. Online dating apps are over-saturated with potential suitors and people have short attention spans while going through pictures. So if the pictures don’t grab them then it’s off to the next and there goes the chance of getting a match. If your middle photos are not up to the task, make sure the first and last do the trick.

Group Pictures? Not here: online dating profile picture

Using a group picture as your online dating profile picture can confuse a girl even more. You will certainly find her second-guessing. While women do it to up their hotness, we ask you to steer clear of uploading them. Women who are self-conscious and confident in themselves upload group pictures. However, we don’t mean that you are not sure enough to pull that off. But, instead, upload your individual photo and show her how confident you are.

Seduce Her with Your Excellence in your Online Dating Profile Picture

Let your pictures tell her there is more to you than just partying, boozing, and sex. Upload pictures that also capture your excellence. It could be you playing sports, or a photo from a vacation. This way the photos reflect what you love doing and say more about you as an individual. While online dating apps are filled with guys in shirtless pictures, why not be different.

We hope this guide serves you with the best purpose and also helps build a profile to keep the ladies coming. Above all your pictures will make women wonder what more you have to offer and earn you the match you deserve.

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