Falling in Love And The Health Benefits

Health Benefits for Falling in LoveFalling in love is a wonderful thing that can bring two people together and start a relationship that could be truly life changing. But did you know that falling in love can benefit you more than just regular sex and a person to put up with your crap every day? Here are 4 health benefits for falling in love that you might not know about.

Falling in Love Makes You Look Younger

The reason? Falling in love releases a “happy” hormone known as oxytocin into the body which in turn releases DHEA, an anti-aging chemical hormone that can help you look and feel younger by aiding in cell regeneration. Additionally, people in love tend to spend more time in bed (both sleeping and otherwise) which can only aid in making you feel better by helping you to get a proper amount of sleep each day, feeling rested, relaxed and less stressed overall.

Falling in Love Can Boost Your Mood

People in love have that feel good “honeymoon” phase feeling that comes from the brains increased excrement of a brain chemical called dopamine. Dopamine makes the world just seem a little brighter, the stresses of the job just a little less bothersome and the woman in your life just a bit more perfect in your arms. The chemical inspires emotions such as bliss, patience and optimism that can make you feel good while in love.

Falling in Love Helps You to Live a Longer Life

Being in love is one of those things in life where it pays off to be a couple. People in relationships are far more likely to lead healthier, more stable life’s from a reduction in everything from lowering the risk for STDs to eating a more balanced diet. Also, people in love are generally more confident in who they are and their self-worth, which leads to a lowered rate of depression.

Falling in Love Makes You Slimmer

Love is a two-fold way of getting slimmer. One, those in love are oftentimes swept up in the newness of their relationship for months if not years and this can take the focus off of unhealthy habits like unhealthy habits, overeating, etc. Two, being in love releases the neurotransmitter known as norepinephrine, which boosts the adrenaline response in the body that is this released in excess energy, increased metabolism, etc.

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