How to Know if a Woman is Trying to Seduce You

How to Know if a Woman is Trying to Seduce YouWomen are tricky creatures they can be trying to seduce you without you even knowing. They claim to be the most open and honest of both sexes when in reality they love to be mysterious and cold. If you are attracted to a woman and you are curious if she feels the same way there are a few tell-tell signs that let you know if she is trying to seduce you.

1. Body Language.

By now you should be aware that body language is about 95% of all human communication. Both men and women use body language to showcase their true feelings. The key here is to consciously recognize those signs. When a woman is trying to seduce you she will lean in when she talks to you, etching closer and closer. She will flip her hair and tilt her chin downward in a submissive direction. She may lick her lips or bite her bottom lip in a sexual manner while speaking to you. All of these are basic yet strong non-verbal ways you can tell if a woman is in to you.

2. Verbal Language.

What a woman says can also let you know if she wants you. Although it is rare that a woman comes right out and says, “I want you” she may do it with tricky language. For example, does she constantly ask you personal questions? Is she interested in every tidbit of your life? Does she laugh at your jokes that aren’t funny? These are sure fire signs she is into you and possible trying to get you to be into her.

3. Eye Contact.

If a woman doesn’t like a man she will avoid eye contact. But if she is trying to seduce a man her gaze rarely will drift from the object of her desire. Women will flirt with their eyes by maneuvering them in coordination with the rest of their face to put on the most attractive smile. She will look you up and down, and you may even feel her gaze when you aren’t looking at her. All of this means she wants you.

4. Physical contact.

Last but not least, when a woman touches you maybe with a slight brush of the arm or hand, and does so on purpose you know she is trying to seduce you. Women are very aware of the power of their touch, and when they are trying to seduce a man they use this power to their advantage. They may brush their hand a top a guy’s hair, play with their tie, or grab their arm. If a woman does this to you then the next step is all up to you. Go forward in confidence knowing she wants you as much as you want her.

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