Sex Products Ingredients To Avoid

sex productsAlthough the vast majority of sex products are made to be hypo-allergenic, it never hurts to read the label to see what a given product is made of. Few things could ever be worse than experiencing discomfort or an allergic reaction because of something you bought for the purpose of enjoyment. Not sure if you have allergies? Try these simple tests to see what you may want to leave of your sexy shopping list.

Latex: Before introducing latex to sensitive areas, try a finger or hand first. Common “rubber” balloons are usually made of latex, as are condoms. If you find redness, itchiness, burning or swelling, it may be best to avoid any latex products.

Essential Oils: lavender, bergamot, sandalwood and other natural essences often appear in massage oils and aromatherapy products. Reactions can range from sneezing and itching to a poison-ivy-type of blistering rash. Many health food stores carry essential oil samplers that you can place on the skin in small amounts to gauge sensitivity.

Fruit and Food Extracts: Edible lingerie, body paints and lotions sometimes feature natural extracts. If you know you’re allergic to mango, make sure to examine products identified as “tropical” or “island.” If you’re allergic to nuts, make sure your chocolate selections are nut-free since they are often processed on the same machinery.

If you DO happen to have an unpleasant reaction to a product, stop using it immediately and flush the affected area with cool water. If your reaction is to something you’ve ingested, be sure to carefully monitor your response and seek medical attention if necessary. However, if you do a little homework, you should be able to enjoy many happy moments from your sex products.

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