Long Distance Relationships – How to go the Distance

Long Distance Relationships – How to go the DistanceLong distance relationships can be tricky or down right hard. However we are seeing more and more couples out there with miles between them for multiple reasons.

Tips to make long distance relationships work

Whether you started in the same area and had to move due to career, school, military or met while living in different locations via internet dating or on vacation making a long distance relationship work takes work as does any relationship. If you are thinking about a long distance relationship or are currently in one we have a few tips to help make it work.

1. Skype is your friend

Phone calls and texts are great but it’s the face to face contact that makes you really understand what the person is saying. There are plenty of services online and through your smart phone like face time on the iphone where you can talk face to face.

2. Don’t be jealous

Remember that your girl has a life just the same as you do. That will include both male and female friends. Trust is even more important when you are apart since you are not physically there. If you can’t trust her you probably shouldn’t be together in the first place.

3. Always plan in advance

The thought of an upcoming visit or vacation is great to keep your mind focused and excited on your long distance relationship. Make sure your visits are balanced or meet in the middle if one person can’t make a long trip.

4. Talk/ Text/ Communicate often

Communication is the key to any relationship especially when you are apart. With technology these days there are so many ways to keep in contact. And remember there will be times where you just don’t feel like sitting infront of a computer or talking on the phone. That is perfectly ok and make sure that you and your girl understand that you will need to unplug.

Before you enter into a long distance relationship be honest with yourself and her and make sure this is something both parties really want to do. The bottom line is if you have a solid foundation distance really won’t stop you from being together.

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