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Why You Should Have More Sex Often

Things to do to a woman Reasons Why You Should Have More Sex

In the confines of a committed relationship, more sex time often gets a good-yet-bad rap. Yes, those in the relationship are more likely to tell you their sex lives are about emotional connection and intimacy; but they’re also likely to tell you that sex doesn’t live up to their expectations sometimes.

Top ways to have more sex time

Rather than take this as a sign that the romance is cooling off – or even that the relationship is approaching a natural plateau or end, there is a way to bring the shine back to any sexual dynamic. Some people call it the Nike principal

Just Do It.

Others call it “just because”. Still, others call it “freebie.” It’s not the term that matters. It’s the act. Simply having more sex for the pure physical pleasure it provides. Understanding and respecting that it doesn’t always have to be an emotional adventure or deep experience of shared passion. It can be a fun, carefree, and dare-we-say quick encounter.

The reason it works for so many couples is that it is a lot like a fitness regimen. The more you train at tennis, the more you want to play. The greater your desire becomes to engage in a game with someone else. Our bodies are programmed to respond in a similar fashion.

Train your mind for more sex time

The more we have sex, the more we want it. This goes for men and women. We think about it more often in positive ways. We become more receptive to the suggestion, particularly from a trusted partner. We even become more focused on the act itself – exploring those positions and techniques which give ourselves or our partners greater pleasure.

Conversely, when our brains begin to believe that sex either isn’t available or doesn’t meet our desires, hormone levels actually decline just enough to dampen the libido and make us less likely to seek out or engage in it.

Mental importance of regular sex

It is very important in a relationship because it is the bond that holds both of you together. So if one partner loses interest or does not feel like engaging on a regular basis the relationship will soon follow down that same path. That is especially true for men since we are packed full of hormones and testosterone and need the physical release sex brings. So don’t be afraid to speak up and tell her your needs, she’ll be happy to know that you are communicating to her and if she is a good partner she will be more than happy to fulfill what you are longing for.

For those worried that your partner will still need “a reason” for sex – try suggesting that sex can be a celebration of the relationship, you’ve enjoyed to this point. Or try the “because we deserve it” route. If you both enter into the experience with a worry-free attitude you may rediscover a spark you thought was hiding.

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