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Perfect First Kiss: How to Make It Awesome

How to Give the Perfect First KissFor many women the perfect first kiss is a clear indicator of whether or not you are the right person for them. If it is done wrong you will quickly lose any headway you have made during the date or the “wooing” portion of your relationship, leaving you with very little chance of getting her to agree to another date. That is why it is important to know how to give the perfect first kiss and luckily we’ve put together 5 tips to help you do that.

Tips to give the perfect first kiss

1. Have Minty Fresh Breath

Your breath can be a quick deciding factor of whether or not you pass the kissing test, even if you are the most skilled kisser she has ever met. Stinky breath is so unpleasant that she may not want to be within smelling distance of you again, so pop a mint or two in your mouth a few minutes before the kiss (or if you have bad breath issues find a way to slip off to the bathroom and brush your teeth after the meal to ensure the freshest breath possible.)

2. Lead Up to the Kiss

Just like with sex, the first kiss needs a little lead up before the main event. We’re not talking about anything in the “heavy petty” category, but a hug, tickle, holding her hand and so forth will help to create a physical connection that will allow the kiss to feel more comfortable when it happens. Find small ways to initiate physical contact throughout the date to help build up a sort of anticipation to the main event and you will find the first touch of your lips less awkward than it would have been otherwise.

3. Make Sure to be Alone or in a Secluded Place

Sure, a first kiss in the middle of a crowd is fine, but one that is just between the two of you is more likely to make an impression. Whether you are in a busy restaurant, crowded club or somewhere else, find the time to ask her to go to somewhere more secluded to help create the right atmosphere for your first kiss.

4. Pick the Right Time for the First Kiss

The right moment for the first kiss doesn’t come all the time so it is important to wait for it to come around. For each couple it is different so you can’t look for the common time when all couples kiss… it has to be right for both of you. It could be that moment when you’re cuddling in a dark theater watching a romantic comedy or that moment when she gets a little ice cream on her bottom lip while licking the cone, it could even be at the end of the night when you’re dropping her off at her door. Choosing the perfect moment for your kiss is important so don’t rush it.

5. Don’t Try Too Hard

The perfect first kiss is “perfect” because it feels natural and easy, and trying too hard will ensure that it will be neither natural nor easy. Take your time and be gentle, making sure to put the right amount of pressure, tongue and lips into the kiss to create a balance that feels like it is both a new experience and a familiar one all at the same time. Don’t attack her lips or try to touch her tonsils with your tongue… there’ll be time for that later, but the first kiss should be something to remember, not something to forget or to try hard to wipe from your mind.

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