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Sex Benefits for A Much Healthier You

Frequent Sex for a Healthier YouSex is much more than a means of procreation or recreation. Sex is also a powerful indicator of our overall health and fitness. The ability to have sex at all is a reflection of a certain level of wellness within the body. For instance, a man who is routinely unable to achieve an erection may be suffering the early signs of diabetes, kidney disease, nerve damage, hormonal imbalance or some sort of vascular disease. So let’s explore the sex benefits and find out how often you should be hitting the sack.

Sex Benefits and the importance of a healthy sex life

Are sexual dysfuntion issues at play?

Women that are unable to climax may be dealing with a hormonal issue, a mental disorder such as depression, or a side effect to medication. Anyone unable to participate in sex without becoming short of breath or dizzy may have a cardiovascular condition. And men unable to ejaculate may have a developing prostate problem.

Sex benefits and your health

A number of medical specialists believe that sex and health are interrelated in more ways than one. For instance, there is a strong consensus that prostate health and the frequency of the sexual act are directly. The reasoning is based on the way the body produces semen. The prostate, which produces seminal fluid, draw citric acid, potassium and zinc from the blood stream.

Frequent Ejaculations and prostate health

So, any harmful, or carcinogenic (cancer-causing) agents present in the blood may also be drawn in to the prostate. Voiding that fluid also voids contaminants, and the more frequently this is done, the less likely those carcinogens are to cause cancer or other infections.

However, no definitive study has been done to prove exactly this situation, although a number of related studies have revealed that men who ejaculated at least five times a week during their 20s showed a reduced risk of developing prostate cancer during middle age.

Bottom line, just do it

While this theory may be contested by some, there are other sex benefits related to frequent sexual activity. Pain management for migraines, back pain, muscle cramps can all be achieved through the natural endorphins and corticosteroids released during arousal and climax.

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