Reasons Why You Should Have Sex on the First Date

Reasons Why You Should Have Sex on the First DateMany men are constantly faced with sexual tension and desire. Just ask a few men out in the street about their thoughts and how many times they think about sex every day, their answers would make any woman blush. No matter how professional or serious a man is, there’s a big chance that sex and the opposite sex will come into his mind several times an hour even if it’s only for a few seconds. Aside from personal reveries and illusions, many men spend time talking about women, sex and relationships. So it’s no wonder why men would want to cut straight to the chase and have sex on the first date.

So if you are on the prowl for a partner- you may ask yourself is it right to have sex on the first date? This is one question that evokes many opinions but has no clear cut answer. This may seem like a big no-no, but you would be surprised on how frequent it happens. If the chemistry is there and it feels right, why not? Here are some of the reasons why you should take the plunge and have sex on the first date.

Having Sex on the First Date Will Test Your Sexual Compatibility

If you are looking for the reasons why you should have sex on the first date, consider sex itself. If you love sex (and there’s a big chance that you do!), then you need to make sure that you are compatible in bed. Sometimes, problems will come up in the relationship if the sexual chemistry does not exist. You may have different sexual styles, for example you like to play it rough, and she only wants a soft caress. Maybe she is more adventurous and you are a little more conservative. These are all great things to establish early on before you get stuck in a relationship that is not satisfying.

Find out her Personality

Is she giving or does she like to lay back and let you do all of the work? A woman’s sexual style can speak volumes about the type of person she is. Would you really want to involve yourself with someone who is selfish or insecure? By having sex on the first date you can pick up on these cue’s a lot earlier than casual conversation over dinner.

You’ll Discover What She Really Looks Like

By getting intimate on the first date you can find out if that sexy woman sitting in front of you is really what she seems. Is she all make up, push up bras and hair extensions? Although this factor is kind of vain and you should really concern yourself with how she is as a person. It also helps to know what you are investing in and if these things are important to you it will give you a better idea if you want to move forward.

Saves You Time

Finally, it’s all about the investment and your time. You will not waste a lot of effort on a woman that you don’t like. If you have sex instantly, then you’ll know if she is indeed the woman of your dreams, and not someone from your nightmares! These are the best reasons why you should have sex on the first date.

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