How to Impress a Woman The Right Way

The Right Way to Impress a WomanSince the beginning of mankind’s short history, men have wondered how they can impress a woman that can potential be a partner and eventually end up in bed together. While much has been written on the topic, many men simply fail in their delivery or end up trying too hard to impress the object of their desire. Let’s end that. Here are 5 simple ways you can impress a woman without becoming something you aren’t.

The right way impress woman

Be decisive.

Women hate a man who is indecisive. Indecisiveness signifies weakness in a man. If you can’t make a decision why should she put her future in your hands? If you want to truly impress her, be clear about your intentions and tell her what you want, even if it’s her. If it doesn’t work immediately keep at it, most women are truly impressed by a man who stands up for what he wants.

Offer up your own opinion.

Men who are respectful, yet intelligent are the ones who land the right chicks. Explaining your beliefs, viewpoint, or ideas articulately will draw women towards you and impress them. Most men can only talk about 3 things, sports, money, and sex. Stand out from the crowd by having something important and interesting to say.

Be respectful.

Believe it or not, but women love to be respected just like we do, so the next time you think about using a cheesy pick up line don’t. Show respect for yourself and for her by showing genuine interest in her. You will be amazed at how impressive this is to women.

Make her feel special.

This is the number one way to grab a woman’s attention. If you make her feel special she will be truly impressed by you. You can easily do this by highlighting what you think is amazing about her. It could be a mix of both her physical beauty and her intelligence, or one or the other. Listening to her concerns and opinion is the most effective way to do this, however.

Focus on self-improvement.

Change your grooming habits, cultivate new skills and interests, and exercise more regularly to improve upon your body and mind. This combination is irresistible to women. If you believe self-improvement is a constant, then you will inevitably attract the woman of your dreams. Keep at it and great things will come your way.

You don’t need tricks and tips to impress women, just your personality and your willingness to improve upon what you were given. The result is an alluring personality that draws women to you.

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