Serial Dating – How to Be Ok With Being Single

Serial Dating – How to Be Ok With Being SingleThere are guys out there who are notorious serial daters who always have to have a girlfriend (you know who you are). Some go from one bad relationship to another and other just need that special someone to fill a void. Either way serial dating can be very detrimental to your next relationship because you don’t have time to grow as a person before you jump right back into another relationship. So if you find yourself swing from the relationship grapevine here are some great tips to slow down the serial dating and enjoy being single until the right lady comes along.

• Hang out with Your Friends

Take time to hang out with your guy friends and enjoy being single. Often times when you are in a relationship your time is already planned out for you and it’s more difficult to get away for a guy’s night so take advantage of your freedom and spend more with your guy pals.

• Join a recreational sports team

If you have extra time on your hands to sit around and feel lonely get out there and join a recreational sports team. There are adult basketball, softball, volleyball, and just about any other sport you are interested in out there. You can also join a running club or a fitness class if you are looking for something with a little less commitment.

• Be more selective on who you date

If you are a relationship type of guy you will eventually want to get out there and date women. Be selective in who you spend your time with. If you really aren’t feeling someone it’s ok not to go on second date or just let her know that you’re not looking for a relationship right now.

• Don’t sleep with her on the first date

Women are very emotional creatures and often times if you get intimate early they will want to stick around. Be cautious not to jump in the sack right away. And if you do get intimate don’t feel like you have to be a couple now. You can try the friends with benefits thing or just move on.

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