Sex Tips Men Need to Know About Women

Sex Tips Men Need to Know About WomenWhen it comes to sex tips many men can find themselves floundering in murky waters because of the great divide between the sexes. What a man thinks and wants can be very different from what a woman thinks and wants, and understanding this can be the difference between so-so sex and truly earth shattering sex. To help you understand the difference between men and women, here are 3 sex tips men need to know about women.

Romance Her Instead of “Sexing” Her Up

For a man sex oftentimes is about the pleasure of the act; men can get in the mood and ready to go within seconds, while women need and want a little something extra to make it happen. Women want romance… they want to be wooed to the bed and seduced into the act of making love. From using descriptive words that lead her towards the finish to ensuring the scene is set with mood lighting and musical serenading, romancing her is important and can turn a night of sex into a night of pleasure neighter of you have ever had before.

Never Forget the Foreplay

If there is only one thing that separates men and women when it comes to sex it is that women require foreplay to achieve orgasm. Most men are able to get to the finish line within a matter of minutes while women require upwards of 20-30 minutes to finish and foreplay is the key to making it happen. From soft caresses to dirty talk, women need a slow but steady stream of stimulation to orgasm and if you aren’t supplying this, you will find yourself the only one truly enjoying your time under the sheets. That extra bit of time exploring her body can take her from a willing participant in to a wanting and needy woman who is right there with you when you reach the finish line.

Switch It Up Halfway Through

Sexual stimulation for men is pretty straightforward, stimulate the penis and before an orgasm occurs. However for women switching things up helps to ensure that she reaches her orgasm just like you. Halfway through suggest a new position, a different technique or the addition of a sex toy to help keep her from leveling off and being unable to keep climbing higher towards the orgasm. This is also a plus for you as she is more likely to be willing to try that sex position you’ve been hinting at for a while as she will be aroused and more open to trying something while she’s in the act of sex.

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