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Sexual Foreplay: All You Need To Know

The Keys to ForeplayEvery man knows that penetration is his favorite part of sex. He gets to enjoy himself and he likely assumes that this is his counterpart’s favorite part as well. Wrong. Women love sex but their true shining moment is during foreplay. Any woman will tell you, if the foreplay sucks then the sex will too. So what can you do as a man to up your foreplay game and keep your woman coming back for more?

Keys to foreplay with a woman

Slow down

First, don’t rush it. Slow down, women love it when a man takes his time to pleasure her in every way imaginable. If you enjoy every second and don’t rush the process she will feel more relaxed and it will be easier for her to enjoy herself. You have to remember that women often shy creatures in the bedroom so take the time to ask her what she likes.


Second, build up anticipation. Instead of focusing on the main event make foreplay her main event. Touch her sensually kiss her neck, down her arms and inside her thighs. Those are some of the most sensitive places on a woman’s  body and as you touch and kiss her in these areas she will become more and more turned on.

Ask her

Third, ask her what she likes. Be charming and whisper in her ear ‘what would you like me to do to you’. Get her involved in the process so she feels more like you want her feedback rather than just a spectator to your moves. Often times once you ask a woman what she likes she will open up and you will find out how much of a freak she really is.

Be Yourself

Fourth, be natural. For some women teasing, tickling, and even playing a competitive sport are enough to get them ready for action. They like to chase and do the chasing and if you take over foreplay it sometimes can ruin the whole thing for her. Do what feels natural in your relationship and let her get in on it as well. You will be surprised at how open most women can be if you give them the opportunity to be.

Let loose

Fifth, get freaky. One step many men fail to think about is introducing porn into the mix. Porn not only can get you up and rearing to go, it also helps women get turned on without you even touching her. Most women refuse to acknowledge they like to see two people in the act, but if you introduce some soft porno or perhaps a one on one love fest movie she will likely be down. You might be nervous about this step but you never know how she will react until you give it a go.

Foreplay is all about anticipation and mental stimulation. Women are passionate and emotional creatures, and if you really want her to be intrigued by you then you must let her know you are willing to stimulate both her body and her mind. Once you master that she will be hooked for life.

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