How to Tease Her Body with Your Hands

How to Tease Her Body with Your HandsSo she seems satisfied in the bedroom but something tells you that she's hungers for you to tease her body some more. As men, we have a perception that if we last as long as she does in bed we are the god of love making. But how does she view it? Is she really satisfied with your performance in the bedroom? If you suspect that she may be looking for a little extra something between the sheets, then it might be time to invest in some new tricks. One very important trick that most men have not developed is patience. But fear no more brothers in the flesh! We are here to fill you in on how to make that patience work for you and how to use your hands to tease her body the right way.

Give her a Massage

Massage is one of the oldest tricks in the book, but most guys fail to use it the way their lover wants. Women are gluttons for light even touching and stroking and find it extremely erotic. Massage is your outlet to give her what she wants. There are various items you can use such as a feather or even the tip of your fingernails to massage her skin and make her feel exquisite pleasure. The touch is what you should focus on in order to stimulate her nerves which translate into the brain as pleasure. In the end that is exactly what you are looking for.

Spice up Your Kissing with Your Hands

As men, we get in the habit of going at it with our tongues full force, especially when we are excited. But contrary to what we may believe, this really isn’t what our ladies are looking for. In fact, for women kissing and touching is more about the placement of our hands instead of the thrust of our tongues. The next time you find yourself in a passionate make out session with your girl try this move: as you move your lips against hers slide your hands gently up and down both sides of her body. The light touch combined with the passion of your kiss will send her into a tizzy.

Use Your Hands to Tease her Breasts

Breasts are one of our favorite creations. We love the way they feel, move, and look. And during sex they are our favorite play toys. But if you want to learn how to tease her you have to learn how to touch her breasts. It’s more about teasing and caressing then it is about grabbing and rubbing. Sometimes the lightest caress of just one of her breasts can set her off. Tease her by lightly  touching the outside of her breasts and pinching her nipples. But only do this once or twice and release. She will be begging you for more in no time.

Men have a tendency to view women as complicated and impossible creatures to understand and to please, but if you take a step back and slow things down teasing will come naturally to you and she will learn to love your touch.

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