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How to Satisfy A Woman In Bed Sexually

How to Satisfy Her Desires in BedThere is one aspect of life where every man wants to perform his best, and satisfy a woman desires in the bedroom (or wherever you end up having sex). The problem is that men know what turns them on, but are not always sure how to get the same reaction out of their woman.

Tips to Satisfy a Woman Desires in the Bedroom

The anxiety of trying to satisfy a woman desires can actually make matters worse it can lead to poor sexual performance on your end. So here is a little cheat sheet, so that you don’t have to spend so much time worrying about what to do next, when you should just be focused on what you are doing right now.

Touch her from head to toe

First of all, women like to be treated all over. You may have one particular part of your body that can get all the attention and leave you satisfied, but she needs you to be all about her from head to toe. We’re not saying that you have to play with her hair or develop a foot fetish, just make sure that she knows you are interested in every part of her, not the just the places you can fit into.

Keep the Communication going

Another little known fact is that women are often just as anxious about pleasing their man. A good way to let her know she is doing a good job is by not holding back your breathing or any other sounds you may make. You don’t need to yell and curse, but if she isn’t getting any feedback, she’s probably taking it as a sign that you aren’t enjoying yourself, and rather than encouraging her to try harder, that probably will just make her more anxious. If she’s worrying about how you are enjoying things, then she isn’t getting satisfied.

Kiss During Sex: how to satisfy a woman

One more piece of advice – don’t stop kissing once the foreplay is over. Kissing isn’t just part of the foreplay, it is part of the entire experience. If you can’t get to her mouth, kiss her wherever you can. But the mouth is the most intimate for a kiss and will make her feel closest to you, so don’t leave that out. She needs to know sex is about the connection for you too and not just the pleasure.

These are just a few ways to make sure your lady is being completely satisfied. So instead of worrying about what to do next time you are together, try these three simple suggestions and just focus on being intimate with her.

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