Foot Care A Man’s Guide to Proper Care

A Man’s Guide to Proper Foot CareFor many men foot care begins and ends with cutting the toe nails and washing the feet, but proper foot care involves much more than that. Foot care a man’s guide, Having healthy feet is often something that women pay attention to when they are with a man and if you have grungy, rough and unsightly feet her attraction to you can take a nose dive very quickly. Taking care of your feet isn’t a big time consuming endeavor, all you have to do is follow a few simple guidelines and your feet will be smooth, clean and attractive in no time at all.

Foot care mans guide

1. Wash Your Feet Properly

What may seem straight forward to you is actually a little more complicated as many people forget to pay attention to the less obvious areas of the feet such as in between the toes, in the crease along the bottom of the toeline and at the Achilles heel area which would lead to proper foot care. Be sure to pay attention to these areas when you take a shower or a bath as dirt and dead skin cells can quickly build up in less than appealing ways.

2. Use a Pumice Stone Once a Week

Many men bypass this useful tool when they are caring for their feet and their feet suffer for it. A pumice stone is an easy way to remove dead skin cells and dirt from the skin’s surface which you may not be able to get off with just a simple washing. The pumice stone is also able to smooth away calluses which form overtime due to the way you wear your shoes, how you walk/stand, etc.

3. Trim Nails Correctly

You probably wouldn’t know this, but there is a right and a wrong way to trim toe nails. The right way is by trimming the toe in a straight line across the nail instead of trimming it at a rounded cut. Making rounded cuts on the toe nails increases the likelihood that you will get ingrown nails, infections and so forth. Additionally, it is important to not cut too close to the skin as this can increase your risks for toe issues as well as make it very painful to walk for a few days. Lastly, you should trim your toe nails every few weeks dependent on how quickly they grow. Long toenails can be very unattractive and can also cut your bed partner, so trim often.

4. Avoid Going Barefoot in Communal Bathing Areas

Much like wearing a condom with a bed partner, going into a communal bathing area barefoot is putting your feet health at risk. Communal showers are ripe with bacteria and fungus that can transfer to your feet, making them not only unsightly, but in need of a good podiatrist as well.

5. Moisturize Those Suckers

Putting a little bit of lotion onto your feet every so often can go a long way to making your feet appealing to the ladies. Lotion can keep the skin around the heel and ball of your feet that are prone to drying out moist, avoiding cracking skin that can be painful and cause foot issues that may require a podiatrist’s help treating.

6. Use Body/Foot Powder

It’s Your Friend – For men who spend a great deal of time in shoes or who sweat a lot, body or foot powder can help your feet to smell fresh and clean even if you’ve spent an entire day in tight, non-porous shoes. Stinky feet is unattractive and very hard too hide, so be proactive and put a little powder in your shoes in the mornings to ward against stinky feet at night.

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