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When She Is not Satisfied Sexually What To Do

Is she Too Nice to Tell You Shes not Satisfied SexuallyThere are certain signs to tell if your partner is not satisfied sexually. Would you describe your sex life as ok? Is your partner’s response to “are you satisfied with our sex life?” ‘um hum’? If you answered yes to both those questions then your sex life may be leaving your wife or woman less than fulfilled. But you might have trouble getting a straight answer out of her if she is more than nice to you. So if you want the truth about your sex life right out of the horse’s mouth you may need some help coercing it out of her. Here are 3 tell-tale signs that she is too nice to tell you she is not satisfied sexually in the bedroom.

Tell signs she’s not satisfied sexually

#1. She pleasures herself frequently.

Women who are too nice to tell you how they really feel are more likely to take matters into their own hands. If she has a sex toy or two in her draw then be warned. She knows how to get off on her own and she isn’t afraid to do it. If you catch her masturbating more than once in a couple of weeks, chances are you are not living up to her standards and she is simply being nice by not telling you what’s really up. Women who are nice don’t want to insult you and have a hard time being honest with things they do not like. If your girl is overly nice don’t expect her to come right out and tell you that you suck in between the sheets.

#2. She rarely takes the initiative to start sex.

When sex is awesome she won’t be able to get enough of you and your penis. In the beginning of a relationship both women and men often are excited to get together and do the deed. But as time wears on and as the newness wears off if sex doesn’t improve then she won’t take the initiative to get things heated up. If the frequency with which she starts sex has waned you probably aren’t satisfying her like you did in the beginning.

#3. Her body doesn’t react during sex.

Sex is all about passion, excitement, and lust. When a woman is truly turned on and fully involved in what is going on it will show on her body. She will pant, moan, and her toes will curl. She won’t be able to hide how into it she is during the moment not even for a second. So if you aren’t getting the reaction you are looking for chances are she isn’t getting the fulfillment she is looking for. All is not lost, however, there are plenty of things you can do to change the situation for the better. Focusing on her is the best place to start.

If she is too nice to tell you she’s not satisfied in the bedroom you can look on the bright side and appreciate the fact you have a loving and kind partner. On the other hand you can improve upon the situation by asking her how you can make sex better. Doing so will give her a chance to tell you how she feels without making things awkward.

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