Dirty Talk to Your Girlfriend In the Bedroom

Dirty Talk In the BedroomIf you’re the kind of guy who enjoys a little dirty talk in the bedroom you have good reason. Verbal communication in the bedroom can increase intimacy and relationship satisfaction. Knowing when and how to introduce dirty talk without sounding cheesy or completely turning your mate off can take some time to perfect. If you are a little hesitant in getting started or just want to know how to do it take our advice so you can sound like a pro.

Set the Mood Ahead of Time 

Don't wait till you're in the heat of the moment to start talking naughty. Kick things off earlier in the day with a semi-racy text and see how she reacts. Say something like "I can't wait to kiss all over your body" or "I'm so excited for an encore of last weekend I've been thinking of it all week." If she replies back with smiley faces and more dirty talk you can get an idea of how far you should go when you move it in the bedroom.

Introduce it slowly

If it’s your first sexual encounter with someone don’t jump right in to calling her X-rated names like you see in the adult movies. Try by saying something simple like “yeah, right there” when she hits a sensitive spot and see how she responds.

Don’t be Repetitive

It might be hard to come up with original things to say while in the heat of the moment but avoid sounding like a parrot and repeating yourself over and over. It can be really distracting and make your partner lose focus on the task at hand.

Complement Her

The easiest way to initiate dirty talk is to start by complementing your partner. Tell her about her sexy features or stick to “you are so sexy” or “I love when you do that.”

Give Sexy Instructions

Give your partner a sexy little guide to what turns you on. Tell her to turn over or get on top. You can also guide her with your body just be sure that she is responsive and don’t be too demanding.

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