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Shower Sex Positions Every Man Should Try

How to Have Steamy Shower SexThere is no place left untouched by you and your lover in your home except for the challenging shower sex. Let’s face it, showers are generally small cramped and virtually unfit for two adult human beings. However, many a man has conquered their fear of this slippery wasteland and successfully pleasured his lover in the process. Do you want to join the ranks of a few, the proud, and brave? If you answered a hearty yes then it is time for you to receive training and journey out on this wet and steamy adventure of shower sex.

First things first, get your lover excited and primed for action.

First, kissed her neck, and even consider watching an adult movie to get her in the mood. Once she is there you can move her and yourself into the bathroom. Start the shower and turn it to the highest temperature you can stand. Take her into the shower and have fun loving each other down with body gels and soaps. Once it’s time to go in for the kill you have to be prepared and this means knowing which moves to pull out. Below we have a list of three of the best positions for steamy shower sex.

Lift and Bend.

This first moved takes into account the height difference that you and your partner probably share. Have her lean against the wall where the showerhead is and grasp her knee in the crook of your arm. From here you must in your legs far enough so that you can penetrate her fully. This angle also allows you to use the showerhead to your advantage and pleasure her by applying pressure from the water to her clit. This move is easy access for you and plenty of pleasure for her.

The Frisky Floor Bend.

This will involve a little more work for her. Have her turnaround facing the opposite direction and then bend her at the waist in doggy style fashion. Once she is bent over have her reach a little further by putting her hands flat on the ground. If she can’t do this have her rest hands on the edge of the shower tub. This will give you deep penetration and easy access to her G-spot. The floor bend is easy to do and provides you with an amazing view of her behind.

The Dirty Breast Grind.

With the lubrication that the shower naturally provides you can easily explore the crevices of her breasts with your member. Have her suds up her lady humps and get to work sliding yourself in between those gorgeous creations. One position that makes it easier on both of you is for you to stand on the edge of the tub pressing yourself against the wall or shower rod and have her lower yourself on to you. It’s fun, hot, and feels amazing.
Shower sex should never be out of the question simply because you believe you cannot do it. Try one of our moves to see for yourself just how amazing steamy shower sex can be.

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