How To Know if She is Faking It With You

Signs to Let You Know if She is Faking ItThere is a subject that plagues men of every race, age, creed, sexual experience and intelligence level… is she faking it? When you’re together and everything seems like it’s perfect you think you’re practically the second coming; she’s vocal and seems like she’s having the best time of her life and you’re right there with her.

Signs to let you know if she is faking it

After the glow wears off you’re wondering did she really have as much fun and pleasure as you? Were you doing everything right? Making all the right moves? Stimulating her the way she wanted and needed? When this happens there are usually signs to help you know for sure and we’ve put them together to help you get a little peace of mind on whether or not you’re actually giving her that perfect “little death” every time you’re together.

1. She’s Done Before You

Sure some women are extremely sensitive and can finish before you’re done, but the simple truth is 99% of women take longer to reach an orgasm than men. Men aren’t exactly known for their stamina as a whole and, with that little caveat about women needed longer stimulation than men, if she’s done before you that may be a clear sign that she’s faking it.

2. She’s Glancing at the Clock

Let’s face it, this is a sure sign that she’s just not that into it as you are. We’ve all been there… that mind numbingly boring job that seems to drag by and you can’t help looking at the clock hoping time has passed by with your freedom seeming to be forever away… well, if your girl is do the same kind of thing, it can’t be good.

3. There wasn’t Any Foreplay

Going back to sign 1, sign 3 plays hand in hand with that one – women need foreplay or prolonged stimulation to reach orgasm, and if you’re not providing that she’s not going to be anywhere near finished when you slump over and fall asleep. So the “faking it” acting comes in to save your ego rather than her admit that you’re cold to boiling hot in a matter of seconds and she’s a slow simmer over time when it comes to sex.

4. She’s More Into Stains and Body Problems than the Sex

One of the surest signs that she is faking it is when she’d rather complain about sex stains on the new stain sheets she bought, that your toe nails are too long and are scratching her or that you back hair need to be waxed again. If she has the time or takes the effort to do this when you’re in the middle of sex… she’s really going to be faking it when you reach climax.

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