Signs You’re in a Bad Relationship

Signs You’re in a Bad RelationshipA bad relationship can be many things, from emotional or physical inadequacy to emotional or physical abuse. The signs you’re in a bad relationship can be subtle or glaringly obvious to some and then not so much to others, so knowing the common signs of a bad relationship can help to stop the relationship before it damages you or your partner in unimaginable ways.

You Partner Constantly Criticizes You

One of the many signs you’re in a bad relationship is when your partner continuously criticizes you such as pointing out weaknesses, inadequacies or out and out bullying you into submission. When they do this they are trying to change who you are or are trying to make you cow under them in “obedience” and that just isn’t healthy.

Arguments Leading to Physical Altercations

Just because you are a man doesn’t mean that your wife or girlfriend isn’t capable of physically abusing you. Sure you may be bigger and stronger, but a slap or a hit when she’s in the heat of the moment is still abuse even if it doesn’t hurt you very much and can be a major signs you’re in a bad relationship.

You Feel Unhappy, Sad, Depressed or Bad About Your Relationship

Sometimes one of the biggest signs you’re in a bad relationship is how you feel about it and oftentimes those feelings can be disregarded as insignificant. Don’t ignore them if they are continuous or plague you repeatedly. If you aren’t satisfied with your relationship your partner probably isn’t either, so then what are you really gaining from being together other than pain and misery?

Your Family and Friends are tense Around Your Partner or have Concerns About Your Relationship

Listen and watch your family because they can help to give you and insight on your relationship. When you are in a relationship it can sometimes be hard to see it for what it is unless you are on the outside of it looking in. Your friends and family can help you do that by watching how they react to you partner or how they interact with them. If they are tense, guarded, make vague concerned comments, etc it might be wise to take a closer look at your relationship and figure out if it is healthy for you or not.

Your Partner Compares You with an Ex Constantly

Sometimes in the heat of the moment we’ll say something like “You’re nothing like ____ was” and that can be forgotten or talked about and resolved. However, if your partner is constantly saying something like that and comparing you to an ex it could be one of the major signs you’re in a bad relationship. When your partner says it often it means that they are unhappy with the relationship and if they aren’t happy, they aren’t fully invested in being with you or in caring for your emotionally and physical wellbeing.

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