What Is The Benefits Of Physical Activity And Your Heart

Physical Activity - Actively Seeking YouthPhysical activity on average, male children spend 3 full hours a day engaged in moderate physical activity. As we get older, that number goes down… beginning at age 15, men start spending only 1 to 2 hours a day being active. By age 20, that number declines to about 45 minutes and then by age 30 as little as 20 minutes per day are spent in active pursuits.

The culprit? Most boys and young men take part in some sort of organized sport. As we get older, our priorities shift and we don’t have the time available we once did for things like practice and game days.

However, maintaining an active lifestyle is essential to cellular regeneration, flexibility and production of certain youth-related hormones. So lace up your sneakers or cleats or dive into the pool and try getting back into the routine from your teen years. You don’t have to perform at the same level you did – the important thing is to put in the effort and reap the benefits.

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