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Tantric Sex How To Practice It With Your Partner

Tantric Sex - Less Can Be MoreFew things intrigue the imagination as much as the idea of tantric sex. It’s whispered about in secret. It appears regularly in naughty jokes and conversation. Yet, few people really understand what it is. Many are actually surprised that it’s not about 17-hour intercourse like many believe. In fact, tantric lovemaking is revered as a sacred spiritual experience – an exchange of energy and consciousness between lovers, which can happen without intercourse taking place. Here are a few tantric sex tips to get you started on your sexual journey.

Less can be more

Channel Your Sexual Energy

The discipline actually comes back to retraining the mind to be less ego-centric and more aware and conscious of the feelings and experiences of our partner. In other words don’t focus on the end goal which is ultimately the Orgasm but use that energy into feeling each sensation and focusing on how good it feels with each stroke. With enough time, it is this ability that allows the mind and body to push beyond the pursuit of a physical climax and instead seek a psychological or emotional release. So instead of thinking to yourself “i’m going to climax” think about how long you are going to last and what pleasure points you are going to hit and how aroused your partner is.

Use Breathing Techniques

Simply breathing in the scent of your partner from head to toe can be a tantric experience when done right. Hover just a few centimeters above your partner’s skin. Then slowly breathe in and appreciate their scent. You may smell perfumes or soaps at first, but move past these aromas and you’ll get a more subtle scent. It may be sweet, or warm, or even a bit spicy. These are the high notes of pheromones, and they vary in intensity and composition throughout the body. Tantric believers say this is due to the body’s different chakras and how they influence our own body chemistry. But you simply won’t discover this unless you spend some time immersing yourself in the ‘little things’ without any agenda of your own gratification.

Keep Your Eyes Open

Surprisingly this might be the hardest step with tantric sex but it will really help you connect with your partner. You don’t have to make eye contact the entire time but make full use of one of your strongest senses and open your eyes. Focus on areas that turn you on like her breasts or her ass and watch how they move as you have sex.

Try New Positions 

It’s easy to get in a specific sex routine with your partner and do the same moves over and over. Since tantric sex focuses on closeness and connection there are some pretty steamy and tantalizing positions. You can try “the powwow” where you both sit crossed legged “Indian style” while she sits on top and rides you. You can also try the “seated row boat” in which you sit in a chair that can recline slightly as she straddles your lap, then put your arms around her ass to help support her as you admire her assets.

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