Tension Ring: What Is The Benefit Of Using It

tension ringAllow us to demystify the little piece of hardware that both excites and frightens men and women alike – the tension ring. For men, the idea of something that slips over their manhood automatically summons up fears of that something getting stuck. Let us begin by assuring all the men out there that this scenario is almost entirely the stuff of letters to penthouse and naughty TV sitcoms where the guy ends up in the emergency room having the ring surgically removed.

What is a tension ring and what is it used for?

Yes, it’s a possibility if you buy a ring that’s too small, but for most men, these scenarios happen when a tension ring is improvised out of something that’s inappropriately suited for the task – like a rubber band or hair elastic. Leather and latex adjustable straps are great for beginners and give you the added assurance of a quick release if and when you need it.

Misconceptions of the Tension Ring

Ladies are intimidated by the tension ring for many of the same horror stories, combined with the perception that any guy who needs them is some sort of sex fiend. Truth be told ladies, he’s doing it for your pleasure. Tension rings work by restricting the blood flow in the penis so that erections are harder and last longer. This gives ladies more time to climax and allows couples the opportunity to reach orgasm simultaneously, which is a powerful shared experience.

Treat  Erectile Dysfunction

Aside from the obvious fun uses of a tension ring they have also have a medical purpose and have been used to help treat erectile dysfunction. So let your curiosity lead you to an exciting new way to spice up your love life.

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