The 4 Step Process to Dating Out of Your League

The 4 Step Process to Dating Out of Your LeagueSo you’ve got a girl that you’re sweet on, but let’s face it on a normal day she’s so far out of your league that you’re batting for the peewees and she’s in the majors. What do you do when you’re bound and determined to get her to notice you? Well, if you are smart… you’ll go through this 4 step process that will help you to approach and snag a date with a woman who’s leaps and bounds out of your league.

4 Step process to dating out of your league

Step #1: Pump Up Your Confidence Before Moving In

A woman who is out of your league is used to a level of confidence and a certain amount of charisma that practically oozes from you. Don’t get into the “smarmy” territory, but taking a few minutes to calm your nervousness and give yourself a pep talk can only help you make a great first impression. Use techniques like reminding yourself why you are worthy of her attention or visualizing making her laugh with your amazing wit.

Step #2: Wait for the Perfect Moment

What a lot of people don’t tell you or even know is that starting a relationship and falling in love is largely based upon sheer dumb luck of picking the right moment to make the move. You don’t want to interrupt her while she is in a deep conversation with a friend or while she’s giving some attention to another guy… these things can put her on the defensive, which can stop your efforts in their tracks. Wait until the right moment such as when her friend or drinking buddies head off to the bathroom, when she heads up to the bar for refills or when she’s at the jukebox picking out a song to play.

Step #3: Start the Conversation Off on the Right Foot… with a Compliment

When you approach her do so with a nice compliment that makes her smile or that disarms her with a little charm. Whether it is complementing her beautiful blue eyes or saying that her laugh drew you half way across the room it was so enchanting, whatever compliment you give her make sure it is as transparent and good natured as possible. No backhanded compliments for this girl, sure others might tell you a backhanded compliment will be unexpected, but they can end up hurting your chances more than helping them.

Step #4: Clench the Deal

So you’ve given yourself a pep talk, waited for the perfect moment and started things off on the right foot, now it’s time to clench the deal by getting her number and making plans together. Because you approached her it is up to you to get her digits, but it has to be in a way that has meaning besides the obligatory “I’ll call you”. Maybe you’ve been talking about that new comedy that is about to hit the theaters or talked about a mutual favorite band that’s coming to the area… use this to give purpose to asking for her number so that she is more likely to give it to you and get that first date.

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