The Rules for a One Night Stand You Shouldn’t Break!

The Rules for a One Night Stand You Shouldn’t BreakYes, there are certain rules to a One Night Stand even though most of the time there is little planning and you end up just winging it. There is no need to act like the perfect guy because (duh) it’s a One Night Stand. Most than likely, she will go home without you even knowing. But there are plenty of ways to ruin your chance for this glorious moment, so it’s better for you to equip yourself with this know-how before you head to the bar to pick up someone.

Don’t Get Too Drunk

This is probably one of the most important rules for a One Night Stand. Getting drunk is usually how they start out however, you should slow down with those shots if you’re planning to hook up with someone. Constantly feeling as if you want to throw up and puke your guts out is a nasty picture for any partner no matter how drunk they are. Some shots in your system are a great boost for your confidence and may even spark some creativity. However, getting knocked out before the main event is not cool.

Lay out the cards

Another important rule for a One Night Stand is to talk about some rules. Remember, you do not want to go about this in a jail warden type of way, but a casual classy way like telling her “it can be our little secret I won’t tell if you don’t.” It will be your saving grace from awkward talks if see each other again in the future. If you don’t want a follow through in the morning, then say it before you go to the bed. But always remember to do it in a savvy manner. Other than a great escape from embarrassing pillow talks, you will be glad you know her name before you blurt out a name like “Amy- something”. You can also get rid of people trying to pry at your sex life or you prying to her sex life, so you can make it a night of fun and just sex.

Be Ready

The rules for a One Night Stand can be pretty simple. Be ready, as in ready to get some protection in your pocket before heading out on the town. You don’t know her and her sexual history. Talking about if they got their STD immunization shots over a couple of drinks isn’t the sexiest topic. Carry protection and don’t compromise if you don’t have any. If the heat is on and you weren’t expecting a One Night Stand, then be sure take a quick visit to a convenience store before hitting the sheets.

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