Worst Break Up Excuses That No One Should Use

The Worst Break Up ExcusesBreakups or putting an end to a relationship will bring out the best and the worst in people and sometime the break up excuses can be brutal. These events will bring out the best since these will often make the individual a better person at the end of day. Sometimes, ending a relationship will be better in the long term and can even help the individual grow as a person and as a future partner for someone. Sometimes, the pains and experiences earned during the course of the relationship can help build the foundation and character of the person.

Also, breakups also bring out the worst in many people, in the form of some of the worst break up excuses. Just to stay out of the relationship whether to rest first or to find another, many individuals will try to unleash some of the worst lines that frustrate and spoil your day. Here are some of the worst break up excuses that are often used (and abused) and reasons why these rank high up in the list of the worst lines.

It’s not you, it’s me

If there’s a listing of classic (and atrocious breakup lines), and surely you can count on this line. There’s a big chance that you’ve read this line before, and perhaps a good friend of yours have received this line from her lover. If you hear these words said to you, then she is actually saying that the problem is on your part and your lover don’t have the confidence to say these words to you.

I want space that’s why I am breaking up with you

This is another monster lie when it comes to breaking up. Why should she ask for space when in fact she can have all the space that she needs even in a relationship! This can be done provided that both parties will talk to come up with a more advantageous solution where each can get the space they are looking for.

I cannot do this relationship anymore 

This is another misleading and empty statement that doesn’t offer you with enough clues as to why she is ending the relationship. What is the thing that she can’t do? This line does not give light to the relationship and will not inform you with the real intention why she is ending the relationship. This is normally the breakup line that is normally used by cowards who can’t really maintain a long term relationship.

These are just some of the over-used and worst break up lines that are used by many when it comes to ending relationships. Ending a relationship is a fact of life, and if you are no longer too sure of the relationship then there’s no way to go but out. But when it comes to ending a relationship, it is still best to say words that will not hurt the person even more. So these breakup excuses are some of the worst, which will only pressure an already crushed heart. There are other bad breakup lines, and as long as there are individuals who want to get out of relationships or they can’t be satisfied then these lines will go on and on.

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