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Five Ways to Breakup without Being Cast as The Jerk

Five Ways to Breakup without Being Cast as “The Jerk”Deciding to breakup with someone is never as easy as it sounds, but sometimes it is necessary for the health and happiness of everyone involved. Once you’ve made the choice to breakup it can be hard to find that balance between getting your point across and being a “jerk” in the process. There are ways to avoid this type of casting in a breakup scene and we’ve put them together so that you will be better able to breakup with someone without being cast as “The Jerk”.

Five ways to breakup without being cast as the jerk

Don’t Let the Babe’s Honey’s Baby’s Dawg’s” Fly

When you breakup with a woman it can get easy to use nicknames or endearments to try and placate them… don’t do it. Calling a woman “baby” while you breakup with her is going to make her feel like just another one of your conquests, another nameless and faceless woman in your long list of girlfriends and hookups. Make a point of referring to her only by her name as this allows her to feel as if you are paying attention to her and aren’t reciting a generic speech that every other woman you’ve ever been with has heard in the past.

Find the Right Time to Tell Her

There is always going to be the “right” time and the “wrong” time to breakup with a woman and it is important for you to know the difference. Give her the dignity she deserves and choose a quiet, secluded place where she can listen to what you have to say and cry if she needs to without feeling as if everyone is looking at her fall apart. The “right” kinds of places are one of your homes, a quiet place in a park and so forth. The “wrong” kind of places are weddings, funerals, restaurants, work, etc. Basically, chose the places that you would like to be dumped in and stick with those exclusively.

Don’t be The Jerk if You Can Avoid It

Sometimes the people we breakup with need a little more forceful, blunt langue to get the point across, but for the most part people get the gist of what you are saying fairly quickly. Because of this more often than not you don’t have to be a jerk about it as you breakup with a woman. You don’t have to be sweet and loving, but try to avoid being overly criticizing, harsh or blunt as much as possible to make the breakup as amicable as you can.

Let Her Be the First One You Tell that You Want to Breakup (If You Can)

Occasionally you’ll probably need to get advice from a friend or a loved one when you’re thinking about breaking up with someone, but try to limit who knows about the breakup before you actually tell her. Finding out that someone wants to breakup with you from a friend, co-worker, etc can be both humiliating and anger inducing, so be sure to not blab your plans before you actually do it.

Do the Breaking Up in Person

In today’s world it is so easy to think about using technology to breakup with someone, but give the person respect they deserve and do it in person. We’ve all probably heard about or been the recipient of a breakup through text, email, Facebook, etc and probably most of us can agree that it’s a cold and unfeeling way to end a relationship. Try to always put yourself in their shoes and make decisions on your breakup that you would like have done to you, keeping yourself from being labeled a “jerk” in the breakup process.

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