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Things Women Want in Bed But Don’t Tell You

Things Women Want in Bed But Don't Tell YouWomen are tricky by nature. They want a man to please them thoroughly but have a hard time letting men know just exactly how to do that. In fact, most women have fantasies about sex that they never will see realized simply because they don’t tell their man about them. If you’ve ever wondered about what women really want in the bedroom take a look at our list below of the top 5 things women want in the bedroom but won’t tell you.

Things women want in bed but don’t tell you

1. She wants more PDA action.

This means possibly having sex someplace slightly dangerous. Perhaps in a parked car, a bedroom at a family or friend’s house, or maybe just some action at her front door are all places she’s probably dreamed of getting it on. The idea is to do something exciting and unusual for the both of you but doing it in a place that is considered taboo. It gets her juices flowing more than you might think and she will be happy you instigated it.

2. She wants you to treat her like your sex slave.

With the release and popularity of books like 50 shades of grey more women are open to being dominated in the bedroom. Possibly she enjoys it when you tell her exactly what you want without stopping to ask if it is something she might enjoy. It is a good idea to ask her prior to trying this method so she knows you aren’t just being a Chauvinistic prick but are in fact trying to fulfill her fantasies. If she says yes then get a blind fold and some handcuffs and have a field day, you lucky bastard.

3. She wants to dominate you.

Of course, many women like the idea of dominating their man. They like seeing a man all tied up begging for their affection. If that’s the case get on board. Sex is sex and many men would kill to be in your position. Once again be sure to ask her if she has ever fantasized about being a dominatrix and see what her response is. If she has, then tell her you are all about trying new things and break out the whips and chains.

4. She wants you to go down on her more often.

Most women are somewhat self concise about down there and if her man doesn’t go downtown she might think it’s because of her. However, most men actually enjoy spending time down there but are unsure if their girl actually likes what they are doing. The result is neither one of you gets what you want. Try working your way down south more often and give her what she wants. Never forget to ask her what she likes and actually listen when she tells you.

5. She wants to role play.

This one is self-explanatory. She wants you to become a part of her fantasy and wants you to please her in the process. It may seem silly at first but you can always start out by incorporating a sex story into your sessions and work your way to full on costume role play later.

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