Ways To Meeting Her Family Unwritten Rules

Tips on Meeting Her FamilyMeeting your girlfriend’s family can be the most terrifying experience of your life, if you really care about the girl. You want to make a great first impression, especially on her father, and if you mess this up chances are the man will hate you for the rest of your life. So to start out on the right foot you need to prepare well, and be confident in who you are. We feel your pain and we want to help you.

Try these best dating tips for dummies, and how you should act when meeting her family.

Dress nicely

There’s nothing worse than some young guy dressed in khaki shorts and a hooters shirt introducing himself to his girl’s parents. While she accepts your slacker style, her parents will most likely not. Dress like you are going to a job interview, put on your nicest pair of pants and a decent buttoned down shirt.

Be friendly

Make eye contact and don’t be afraid to shake her father’s hand. Fathers have this sixth sense that sniffs out fear in the man who wishes to court his daughter. Be confident and don’t give him any reason to doubt you. Her mother will more than likely be easier for you to please, but don’t forget to butter her up either. Perhaps bring her flowers or some other gift your girlfriend approves of, her mother will likely be impressed that you even thought of her.

Communicate and keep good body language

One of the most important steps when making a good impression on any group of people is to be open and kind. Proper posture and eye contact is a good start, but also standing with your arms relaxed and facing whomever you are talking to are also important.

Respect their rules

If you and your girlfriend are spending the night at her parent’s house be prepared to sleep in separate bedrooms. The last thing you want is her dad to catch you too getting busy in the guestroom, be respectful of his rules and stay in your own room.

If you play your cards right you can impress your possible future in-laws from the time you are meeting her family. Follow these tips and you are sure to do just that!

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