Highly Sensitive Woman: Tips On How To Handle Her

Tips to Handle an Over Sensitive WomanFor many women, many of their personal preferences are tied into how they feel about people. A woman might not prefer to eat a corned beef sandwich, for example, but if she had a great time eating one with someone, she won't be as opposed to eating another one. Whether it is a hard day at work or she's having a hard time with her relationship, an over sensitive woman can be a difficult person to hang around as a guy... IF you don't know what you're doing. Here are some ways you can effectively deal with an over sensitive woman so that you both can keep your sanity.

Proactively listen to her concerns.

It might be the worst story in the world and the football game might be on, but it only takes a few minutes of investment to listen and empathize with an over sensitive woman. She has come to you because she trusts you. If you ignore that trust, you're ignoring her and her feelings for you – that's a bad move! If you can see that she's sensitive, ask her what's wrong and engage her right away. Not only will this help her feel better right away, but you'll help to deepen the emotional bond and likely get back to the game quicker than if you just let the situation simmer.

Don't be afraid to go the extra mile.

It only takes a few seconds for an entire life to be turned upside down. Tragedy occurs every day and even the strongest of women can find themselves emotionally buckled by circumstances. Going the extra mile for these women might mean getting them flowers or it might mean offering to watch the kids for awhile so she can take care of herself. Either way, she won't forget about the efforts you took to help her through a tough time.

Stay away from her friends.

Even though it might be tempting to talk to her friends or even her family about why a woman is sensitive, chances are good that she'll see these efforts as a personal betrayal. It might be more difficult to understand a situation from just her perspective, but sometimes it's not about having the big picture. Sometimes it's just being there to be a shoulder and support more than it is to offer helpful advice.

Understand your own needs.

If you want to help an over sensitive woman, you've got to understand where you are emotionally at that moment as well. After all, if you start becoming negatively emotional, you'll likely hurt the situation instead of help it. Before starting, try asking yourself these questions:

• How am I feeling right now?
• What are my needs and wants?
• Could there be something around me that could help or harm?

By checking in with yourself, you'll be better able to help an over sensitive woman deal with virtually any situation. This way you'll always be in the best position possible to help and further an emotional bond.

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