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Types of Women to Avoid Dating And Why

Types of Women to Avoid DatingWomen to avoid dating, The dating world is a wild place full of all types of people. The first few months of a new relationship is like an introductory period you still have time to back out if you get buyer’s remorse. But before you even get that far there are a few types of women to avoid dating altogether. Read on for more advice on who to save yourself the headache from down the road.

Types of women to avoid dating

 The Crazy Girl

We’ve all seen fatal attraction and movies about crazy women but what about the real life ones who scare the $h#t out of you or pose an actual threat? A few warning signs that the girl you are seeing may be a little crazy are if she calls you endlessly, has been in a lot of really bad or dangerous relationships or she’s very argumentative and unpredictable. Yes it’s good to have a little mystery in your relationship at first but if she just shows up out of the blue a little too much or gives you an uneasy feeling drop her now (gently), you’ll be glad you did.

 The Clinger

Clingers can be tough to spot since it is a thin line between a sweet loving girl and one that wants to be by your side ALL the time. A few signs that a girl might be clingy are she doesn’t have any close friends, she very jealous of other girls and she tries to insert herself with your family and friends really early.

 The Drama Queen

Oh we all know the type – they are smoking hot, don’t seem to have a simple flaw; that is until they open their mouth. Oh yes the girls who can’t say a nice word about anyone and drama always seems to follow them around like a black cloud. If you are not a fan of dealing with catfights everywhere you go it would be advisable to see the warning signs in advance and move on.

 The Co-Worker

The people you work with often times become a second family. You spend at least 40 hours with them a week whether or not you like it. That is exactly why dating a co-worker should be strictly off limits. If things go south (which they very well may) you will be stuck around them all day every day. Talk about awkward!

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