How To Increase Your Sperm Count And Understand It

Understanding Your Sperm CountGenerally men assume that their sperm count is normal... that is, until certain men go to start a family and have trouble conceiving with their partners. The fact of the matter is that issues with sperm count, quality, and motility usually start years before most men take notice of it. What’s more, the characteristics of a man’s semen can often yield tremendous insights into the body’s overall health.

What affects your sperm count and how to improve it

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For instance, tobacco, alcohol, and illicit drug use can all decrease total sperm count and negatively affect the quality of sperm (more misshapen, slow-moving, or otherwise abnormal sperm). Prostate and blood-pressure problems may lower sperm counts as well as reduce the overall volume of semen and the rate at which semen is produced. Even lifestyle choices and hobbies such as diet, certain types of exercise, taking hot baths, and the overuse of personal lubricants can lower counts and impact other characteristics like motility and sperm quality.

How to test your sperm count

Requesting a sperm analysis as part of a regular yearly checkup is not unusual. Your doctor may ask you what you’re hoping to learn. Or, he or she may take advantage of the opportunity to discuss some of your more persistent health concerns. Weight management, for example, is an integral part of sperm health.

Obesity and stress

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Being overweight or exhibiting signs of obesity are strongly linked to hormone function, which in turn wreaks all kinds of havoc on sexual function and sperm health. Stress and lack of exercise have a similar impact. And, if you’re not eating the right kinds of foods, your sperm is one of the places it will show.

How to give your swimmers a boost

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The male body needs nutrients like Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Vitamin B-12, Folic Acid, Omega 3s, Selenium, Zinc, and amino acids like L-Carnitine and Arginine to produce healthy amounts of healthy, mobile, normal sperm. A male-health supplement is one way to get these nutrients... or, more preferably, you can adjust your diet and experience benefits in other aspects of your health and wellness, too.

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