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Second Date Ways You Messed Up Your Chances

Four Ways You May Have Messed Up Your Chances for that Second Date

Have you ever gone out with a gorgeous woman, seemingly had a great time and after she never called you back second date? It’s happened to us all and it’s annoying trying to figure out what went wrong; you showered, you entertained her, you took her to a nice restaurant… what more could you do? Here are 4 ways you may have messed up your chances for that second date and didn’t even know it.

Reason why you may have messed up your chances for that second date

1. You Turned Her into a “Dude”

One way to quickly and efficiently turn off her interest and get promptly slid into the friend zone on your first date is by calling her “dude”, “bro”, “buddy”, etc. It may seem trivial to you, but to her it immediately takes her out of the romantic setting and makes her think that she’s talking to a male friend or a brother which just isn’t sexy, at all. Instead use her real name when talking to her as this forms a connection and shows her you are focused solely on her.

2. You Called Her an Overly Sweet and Condescending Endearment

Sure after you’ve been dating a woman for a while giving her an endearment like “sweetheart”, “baby”, “honey” and so forth can be cute, but on the first date it can show a lack of respect for her and give her the impression that she’s interchangeable with any of the other countless women you’ve been out with before.

3. You Were a Jerk to Others on the Date

Unless she finds men who are rude and inconsiderate attractive, being a jerk to others while on the date with her can very easily cost you that second date you were hoping for. You don’t have to be overly courteous to people more than usual, but being rude to the waiter serving your meal or getting road rage while on the drive to the location of the date is a sure sign that you’re not the one for her.

4. You Wore a Little Too Much Cologne

It seems like a simple thing, but too much cologne can quickly turn off a woman faster than telling her you’ve got a wife at home and you’re just looking for a little something on the side. Smell is oftentimes overlooked, but can play a significant part in both her conscious and subconscious decisions on whether or not she agrees to a second date. If a heavy wave of cologne follows you wherever you go people aren’t going to want to spend a lot of time with you, so tone down the cologne, but don’t get rid of it all together. Women like a man who smells good, just don’t overdo it.

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