Foreplay Tips To Help You In The Bedroom

Why Women Love ForeplayWomen are creatures of emotion and would love a man to have her heart. Her sexual desires are based on emotional needs, unlike a man who just wants to get the job done. So if you are looking to really make a woman’s toes curl you need to give her a little bit of foreplay before reaching your sexual peak with her.

Top Foreplay Tips for men who have no clue

Slow down

If you decide to “let yourself go” before her, then you might not be able to reach the sexual relationship she needs. Women love foreplay because it takes her into another state of mind. It can open a sexual portal to desires, fantasy and help her reach her orgasm.

Foreplay begins before you make it to the bedroom

Foreplay doesn’t really have to be stimulating her senses by sucking on her nipples, kissing her soft neck or by tickling her waistline. Aggressive foreplay like, heading south to her isn’t going get her head over heels either. The foreplay can be eye contact, or even a few cheesy pickup lines. Just acknowledging that you are interested in her is a form of foreplay.

This flirtatious behavior will elevate her senses naturally. Remember, the human brain is the biggest sex organ so getting her mentally prepared for what is about to happen, is much more important that going for the “kill”. Make her hot mentally and you will remedy some hot sex.

Caress Her

Now that we’ve identified not becoming an eager beaver for sex, we can focus a little more on why women love foreplay all together. Women need to be excited for something otherwise everything else is a bust. Running your hands over her lower back and looking into her eyes will spike her senses and get her a little more in the mood.

Next run your fingers across her waist line and tease her lower stomach while looking into her eyes. Make her feel like you are lusting for her and that you can’t wait to make her happy. You can caress her shoulders, kiss her neck and tease her body to get her in the mood.

Take a small break from foreplay to make her more anxious for what is next. Foreplay is like a game of playing hard to get and teasing. Women love it because it gets them in the mood, helps them peak sexually and lets them feel attractive, sexy and fun. Women love foreplay and everyone should learn to add this element to their sex life.

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